By lemaster 01 Jul, 2017

Oh no, you have a chipped tooth! Maybe you fell. Maybe you were hit in the face or mouth. Maybe you bit down on something hard. At first, you thought everything was okay, but running your tongue along your teeth, you feel a jagged edge that wasn’t there before.

Tooth enamel is a very strong material. It has to be for all the chewing that we do. Nevertheless, teeth can break and chip, and sometimes you may not even realize it because there’s no pain. However, if you have a major break, it’s likely that the nerve inside the tooth has been exposed and even damaged, and that’s when the pain starts. If hot or cold drinks or even air touch those nerve endings, it can be quite painful. Fractures occur from accidents, cavities, or old fillings that crack.

You might not be in pain, and you might think your tooth looks and feels just fine, but call your dentist anyway. On the other hand, if your tooth hurts non-stop, it’s a serious sign that the nerve might be damaged, so you definitely need to call.

By lemaster 01 Jul, 2017
We here at Norwich Family & Cosmetic Dentistry believe that knowledge is power. Knowing more about good oral health practices can lead to not only a brighter smile but also a healthier overall life. Which is why we constantly remind our patients that one of the best preventative measures against poor dental hygiene is scheduling regular teeth cleanings every 6 months. But did you know that not all cleanings are created equal? Some individuals actually need a more in-depth cleaning than others, and this is where dental scaling comes into the conversation.
By lemaster 01 Jul, 2017

There are many “firsts” in the life of a newborn baby as it grows into a small child. One of which is a child’s first dental visit. Compared to when a child speaks his or her first word, introducing a youngster to a professional dental environment can be one of the more stressful milestones. If you have a tiny tot at home, we’d like to provide some friendly advice on how you can make their first dental checkup a success.

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